The Serpent is a show about Charles Sobhraj – conman and killer, who posed as a gem dealer in Thailand and murdered young people on the infamous “hippie trail”. It’s a slow burn show that will remain with you long after you’ve watched the eight episodes currently on Netflix.

What follows are my thoughts on the first episode – spoilers follow:

  1. Okay that toupee is a lot.

  2. This man is a creep.

  3. The courts of law might have cleared you but the court of public opinion… not so much.

  4. Oooh – these opening credits are CREEPY as hell. Who would ever want to go on the hippie trail?

  5. “Kanit House”? Bad things are going to happen here…

  6. Vibey party

  7. Crushing powder and adding it to milk – these two think they are smooth

  8. Jeez. They just killed him. And she seems totally fine with this.

  9. Wow. Passport forgery was so easy in the 70s. Did he really make a fake stamp using the bottom of a cough syrup bottle? That’s actually hella smart.

  10. Urgh – it’s been so long since I’ve travelled that even these outdated, old school airports look appealing.

  11. I hate that they make these two look like a power couple, she is obviously controlled by him.

  12. Cute tourist! Hope he isn’t also going to be fed their poisoned milk…

  13. A little bit of bonding on how they’re not pure European – this means that cute Dutch-Indonesian guy is definitely getting milkies.

  14. Sweating bureaucrat in an office and getting caught up in traffic – he’s gonna be the hero of this piece, right?

  15. His German wife is clearly a smart cookie. She’s going to help him. They’re the real power couple.

  16. These two white girls are going to end up doing something dumb, right?

  17. Urgh – I’m already confused with the timeline of this show!

  18. So the American girl is all spiritual…

  19. Urgh it’s the Indian accomplice trying to chat them up. They need to get out of there!

  20. “Let’s drop him, he’s a creep” is correct. Get out now!

  21. OH WOW. She’s going to become a nun. I say she lasts one month tops in that monastery.

  22. So the bureaucrats hate the hippies. This Australian dude is way too smug and he has an awful accent.

  23. “Cloggy” – lol, that’s actually funny

  24. I hate how chic Monique looks – that orange shirt, bandana and gold hoops are a vibe.

  25. Is Monique secretly trying to warn the Dutch girl?

  26. Omg they just threw up at the table – I needed more warning on how gross that would be.

  27. Wannabee-nun is looking drunk. This is not going to end well…

  28. “On my heart you’re too young to be locked away” says Alain. Yeah right.

  29. Where are they taking her?

  30. I’m sure the real life versions of these strip clubs or whatever were wayyy sleazier and dirtier.

  31. She knows she’s being drugged – hope she makes it out!

  32. “You throw yourself at men the way you throw yourself at religion. You cannot buy your way off the wheel, Teresa. It is very American of you to think otherwise. And as you may know, Americans do not prosper in this part of the world.” Damn. Okay, I need to know more about this serial killer.

  33. This show is going to be good. Tahar Rahim is one incredible actor.

  34. OMG! That’s Teresa’s green clock. Timeline starting to make a bit more sense.

  35. It’s them! It’s them! Okay – I’m officially into this show.