I find myself in spaces

Where my tongue cannot not dance

With our eyes wide shut

Reality is scorned

Only to be disguised as fiction,

Fiction as reality.



News! The paperboy glides down the street.

A time when my thoughts are limited

by campus thought-police

shaping our discourses,

Just as Orwell foretold

This narrative digs large heels in the sand.



A time when going against the grain

is seen as going against yourself!

Mediocre a vaccine to the pallets

crime, rape and murder howls in the wind,

Only remnants of it sticks to the monitors.

Truth lays scattered in the foreground,

Gathering on prison walls.

‘round mountains gathers noble circles of men

Knights unbeknown

Heads swaying to the best of names.



The ears and eyes collect dust.

Pages burn, the media footnotes.

Knowledge is castrated

Fat men sit suppressing,

Suffocating an end to all question.

As marionettes do

We twirl about our ticks & crosses on ballots

Decided upon on repossessed palace grounds, private islands or mega yachts

Retweeting our participation at a whim

Dancing to the tune of Democracy

– A gift anchored at our necks.

The only unquestionable truth!



These bleak times when insidious politicians

Care not of being seen or heard

Arguing vainly about nothing, nothing and nothing again

All the while their oligarch

Overlords shuttle about in country roads,

Inside convoys of pitch-black Mercedes Benz

And other less familiar modes

To the likes of you and I

A time, a certain Brutus, a certain Biko grew weary-of.