I give thanks for the gift that you are. I give thanks to Allah for choosing me to be your mother.

From the instant that you were born and you looked at me with infinite eyes of open, curious, absolute, pure love.

You have changed my life, my heart and my understanding of love.

I thank you Yaqeen,

For teaching me about






and selfless giving.

For teaching me about trust.

Thank you for opening my heart to the wonders of

absolute love.

For guiding me into the depths and many meanings and shapes of love.

For being so gentle with me, so patient,

so infinitely giving

with your love.

For being so incredibly soft and compassionate with my mistakes.

Thank you for seeing me with eyes of

acceptance and mercy,

and for teaching me how to look at the world in that way.

For teaching me how to live in the present and how to see love and joy in each moment and in each thing that life encompasses.

For holding my hand into a journey of

falling in love with existence.

Thank you for loving me in a way I didn’t believe possible.

For healing me.

For filling all my cracks with the brightest light.

I love you with every breath and every cell of of my body,

until the end of times.

I wake up everyday excited to learn more with you, to share more with you, to continue this journey of expanding our hearts.

And I ask forgiveness for the days when business manages to make me forget to