When I first started this NGO, I only had one goal: to save the world. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? How can one person save the whole wide world? But to start working towards this goal is easier than you think. You spread the word and do positive actions and the media spreads it like a wildfire. You plant a thousand trees, clean up the ocean, feed and clothe the poor and unable, lend a hand. And slowly, these miniature actions build up into a chain reaction. People start paying attention. People start doing it themselves. It could be for “likes” on social media or because they realize, this is our Earth, our inheritance.  In the long run, I will achieve my goal. Even if it’s by a grain. Because saving the world isn’t a one day process, it’s a lifetime project.

For the People, From the People is a volunteer based, non-profit organization designed to do good for the world. When we started in 2017, our goal was to help those who are in need, right here in our very little state of Rhode Island. Since then, we have distributed to 625 local homeless for over the course of 2 years. Our distribution included basic necessaries, to-go toiletries, small snacks to warm lunches. In June 2018, a newly settled Syrian refugee family lost their home to an unexpected electrical fire. We were able to gather up furnitures, food, clothing and a few wonderful volunteers to help set up their new home, to relieve their stress. But gradually, we realized we were not helping enough.

In the modern day, it can often be a struggle just to get through the day. We see the impact this has on our relationships, our emotions and our lives. But we forget, that some have it much worse than us – for so many people around the world, life is simply about survival.

I was reminded of this during a trip to the Philippines, we caused that very little of a butterfly effect by impacting the lives of 400 children in three different islands during March 2018. We were able to save an orphanage from being shut down by coming in 3 days before the closing date, with bulks of food. In October 2018, we were able to provide $2000 to a village school in Multan, Pakistan and prevent it from being demolished.

Our philosophy is that we’re inspiring others to change the world by extending our support to those who need us the most. But, we can’t do it ourselves. We need to join hands, we each need to begin with some kind of action plan, even if it is small. We hope that eventually our collective small impacts will influence those around us, to give back and to help this world. After all, that’s what we are here for, right?


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