I’ve heard it many times in their stares.

Go home! go home!

Go back where you came from!


I ask myself, isn’t this my home?

But… is it really?

Do I have a place to call my own?


A place to rest, not pass by

Keep busy with some DIY

A simple dream, unattainable

The obstacles unassailable


Doubts cloud my mind

Each one selfish, unkind

How can it be?

They say to me…

You are capable and free.

Make your fortune.

Fight for it.

Stand on your own two feet.


All for what? I say.

All so I can stay away?

Toiling each and every day?

To build a house that will one day fall

To the ground, broken, so small

In the grand scheme of things

Forgotten, inconsequential.


No! I tell you, not at all.

I struggle and strive impatiently for

A patch of earth all my own

To call home, not leave forlorn

Always mine, forever more.


A place to live, laugh and love.

An eternal abode.