Shukry Adams shares a few of his illustrations and digital collages with us. Through his creations he finds solace and catharsis in any and all forms of creative output, with a keen focus on the nuances and traits of what it means to be human. Adams looks at how we navigate and traverse the rigid and ever-evolving plains of this life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.




This image is a visual catharsis. I wanted to create something to express my state of late. Displaced. Disembodied.



La tahzan- don’t be sad’
The complex architectural makeup, geometry, and math of the human heart mind and soul exists on a similar level in the physical universe . Does the cosmos ever feel sad, alone, or abandoned? Gravity and dark matter within and without. Whatever we use or believe to fill in the spaces and hold ourselves together, may it continue to expand our hearts minds souls and our smiles.


Momma and Bubba: 

Momma transferred the lore to bubba. Bubba was a tone deaf occult junkie hyped up on DMT. The tales went in their one ear and manifested out the other. This is now their world…


Hope and Fear: 

After seeing the documentary film Gaza,  I was left with so many thoughts and emotions, somewhere between angry, sad, hopeful, fearful, inspired, grateful, empathic, but also an amalgam of all.