Of the beauty of this life is that nothing lasts forever.


There are things that are endless seeming, such as a ten-hour shift on your feet or the count-down to your fourth driver’s license appointment in the span of three years.


The ache in your leg doesn’t seem to go away nor does the time tick by any faster when you finger count on your two hands how many hours you have left after every 20 minutes that drag by.


Or as the days that lead up to your test quicken, so does your anxiety and boom…it’s your test day.


There are some days where I wish I was as unbothered as someone who looks up at the sky, simply marvelling. There isn’t much time to marvel, I suppose, when you’re caught up with earthly concerns.


I think one of the tragedies of the human experience is that we’re not constant; our nature is that of fluidity. And to accept that fluidity with grace is my never-ending task.