Again, the sweet anticipation

The time of gifts

A little counts for more

A generous time

But you are not here

It saddens me

We did not know

We did not think

You would be gone

If it is so

If in this time

you are free

Come to me

Let me see you again

In this month of gifts

Let that be mine



These leaps of joy

This anticipation inside

Builds with every step to You

I brew the Sufis’ drink

Then sit in remembrance


This meeting cannot be rushed

I must be patient

The ancient science is laid out

And so we begin

Raka’ats, Qur’an, Praise

Blessings on Your Beloved

Then calling on Your Names

Soon the longing spills over

Into the dance of love

Desiring Your acceptance

Your love

As the glimpses begin

I turn within

Ascending to lights

So bright

So intoxicating

Earthly bondage weakens

The reins are loose


I fly to You

In illuminated skies

Held in Love.


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