A Crack in Civilisation: The Splitting of the Inward and the Outward

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In 571 BCE, the Ch’ang Sage, Lao Tze wrote the Tao te Ching, which is an extraordinary text dealing with the inward dimensions of man. His contemporary was the great statesman Confucious who wrote the

The Endurance of Beauty in the Grip of Modernity

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“Beauty is the Splendour of Truth.” Plato On a recent trip to Turkey, I visited some of the most breathtaking mosques built by great Ottoman sultans nearly six hundred years ago. Undoubtedly the mosque that

On The Entanglement of Racism, Policing, and Capital, within the Human Empire of Absolute Freedom.

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(Or, on why it has taken hundreds of years of publicly lynching Blacks, for most of y’all to find out last week.)   Bismillahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahim: We live under the hegemony of a European project

Woman of the Week: Dr. Tubanur Yesilhark Ozkan

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Dr. Tubanur Yesilhark Ozkan and is a scholar and co-director of the International Foundation for Muslim Theology (IMFT). She holds a doctorate from Durham University and is the author of "A Muslim Response to Evil:

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